Secured Business Loan for Small Business

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Leveraging Your Business Strength

At Aquamore, we specialise in helping companies to grow and develop their commercial ventures through the provision of funding options like taking out a secured loan for your small business. With a secured loan, the risk is offset against an asset in the form of personal or commercial property and typically offers a lower interest rate than other types of finance. Our loan amounts are offered from $200k to $7.5million and repayment terms are available between three and 24 months.


Reasons to Consider a Loan for Your Small Business

A number of circumstances may lead to you considering a secured small business loan to develop your company’s place in the market. Here are a number of examples:

Building a stronger credit history for your business

If your company is relatively new or hasn’t previously required external investment, a small business loan may be a useful tool for longer-term financial resourcing as it can provide the opportunity to evidence your stability to potential lenders in the future. If your medium to long term business plan involves securing larger capital, investors will want to see how your financial history holds up and a secured small business loan repaid consistently over a period of time will help to demonstrate this.


A popular business growth strategy, diversification will usually require additional capital to ensure your existing revenue stream can continue to run unaffected as you test and learn whilst taking your new offering to market. Diversification gives businesses the opportunity to retain a competitive edge and explore previously untapped sources for growth.

Expansion of premises

One of the more favourable business challenges to have as it usually means your operations have scaled to the extent that the business has outgrown its existing premises. Whether you’re looking to expand or relocate entirely, a secured business loan can help you to cover any associated fees and make the transition efficiently and effectively.

Upgrading your equipment 

Whether you’re looking to replace your vehicle fleet or purchase new machinery, making measured, strategic business decisions such as these can offer benefits such as reducing expenses on fuel and maintenance or allowing you to upscale your production output. A small business loan can help to bring these plans to fruition.

Technology development

Maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s market requires real-time assessment and evaluation of the technologies being utilised within your business. Efficiency, scalability and environmental sustainability are all operational factors dependent on the latest tech and need to be regularly reviewed, often requiring investment to meet consumer expectations. A secured loan can help you to upgrade your technology and improve communication, security and a host of other areas to streamline your offering.


Why Choose Aquamore for Your Secured Small Business Loan

At Aquamore, we bring passion, experience and insight to the table when it comes to working with small businesses to innovate and grow. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting Australian business owners in their ventures and securing the funding to realise their goals. We work with businesses spanning a range of industries from retail to property development. Since beginning operations, Aquamore has paid out more than $100million in loans to both fledgling and established businesses and holds current AFS and AC licenses.

To discover how we can help your business, you can call, email or complete our application form to discuss your circumstances and find out how to apply for a secured small business loan today.