Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans


Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans from Aquamore

Aquamore has been operating in Australia as a financial lender since 2016. Our expert team has worked with multiple Australian businesses to help them achieve their commercial goals during this time, providing over $100m AUD in funding to date. Our commercial real estate bridging loans are one of several financial solutions we offer. Whether you’re looking to secure an interim lump sum to progress with your project until longer-term funding is secured through a traditional lender or until your existing property asset is sold, speak to us today to find out how we can assist your commercial venture.


Real Estate Bridging Loans: A Case Study

Aquamore previously arranged the availability of capital for a client who required funding to purchase land for the development of affordable residential housing clusters. Below is an overview of the arrangement to illustrate our bridging loan facility in action:

Facility Size:

Facility Requirement: Land acquisition for multiple affordable housing developments

Use & Structure: The Facility assisted a developer with the financing of five building sites located in QLD and Schofields, NSW. Based in NSW, the Australian-owned building company specialises in developing affordable housing.

Loan Term:
 12 months

Key Ratios: 
Maximum Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) < 60%. Loan interest paid monthly.

Arranged Recourse:

  • First registered mortgage security over all five properties
  • First Ranking General Security Agreement over all the assets and undertakings of the Borrower
  • Share Mortgage over the Borrower
  • Directors’ and/or Personal Guarantees of the Borrower


Frequently Asked Questions


When would I need to consider a real estate bridging loan?

If you require capital to complete land or commercial property acquisition, a real estate bridge loan could help you move quickly and avoid unnecessary hold-ups as you await the sale of an existing asset or confirmation of longer-term funding from another lender. The ability to move forward with your project can help minimise the risk of mounting costs and delays to external contractors.  

What advantages does taking out a real estate bridging loan offer?

The primary advantage of using a real estate bridge loan is that it provides flexibility due to the speed at which the funding can be secured. This can help strengthen your position if bidding for a property or land asset at auction. Bridging loan amounts available from Aquamore vary from between $200,000 to $30m AUD so offer a viable solution for a wide range of real estate projects.

Why should I choose Aquamore as my preferred financial lender?

At Aquamore, we’re passionate about supporting businesses to pursue opportunities for growth. We understand the critical element of time in securing capital to act on these opportunities and that’s why we ensure a fast turnaround of applications with funds deposited within 48 hours of approval. We’re fully licensed as a lender and provide transparency on loan terms and repayments to allow our clients to accurately assess their financial decisions before committing to a loan agreement.

Can I get in touch to discuss my commercial project with Aquamore?

If you’re looking to secure finance to further progress with a commercial opportunity, we can discuss your funding options to determine what the best solution is for your specific circumstances. Our Head Office is based in Sydney’s CBD. You can contact us via email or call the Aquamore team and speak to one of our professional advisors today.