2nd Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage Finance Options from Aquamore

As one of Australia’s leading non-bank commercial lenders, Aquamore is equipped with specialist knowledge, experience and expertise to help you propel your business ventures through borrowing capital secured against your existing assets. Our development finance options give you the means to fund large projects such as the acquisition of land and subsequent building, either in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors. Second mortgage funding is one of the finance types we provide for our clients. We work with businesses across Australia, enabling them to complete real estate development projects such as affordable housing complexes, renovations of existing properties, eco-friendly buildings, out-of-town retail parks, industrial units and many more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 2nd mortgage financing work?

Second mortgage financing is a type of development loan. It allows you to secure a second loan against an existing physical property asset. To discuss Aquamore’s specific loan features with regard to second mortgage finance and the individual circumstances of your development project, contact us to speak to one of our development finance specialists today. 

How much can I borrow through second mortgage finance?

At Aquamore, our loans range from AUD $200,000 to AUD $10,000,000. Available funding will depend on your position and the scope of your project. A development finance expert will be able to talk you through your funding options and what the next steps are. We can also discuss lending terms and conditions, including the repayment term, LVR percentage and the establishment fee. Talk to a member of the team today when you call or email us. 

Why should I choose Aquamore as my preferred lender?

Unlike traditional banking lenders, we’re in a position to quickly release funds so the time you’ll wait to move forward with your project is kept to a minimum. Aquamore is made up of a team of highly experienced financial consultants, with knowledge of niche business areas including taxation law, property and management. Our executives have years of combined experience in a range of ventures both here in Australia and overseas. We take pride in being ahead of the curve when it comes to market updates and developments, passing on our expert insight to our clients. All our funds are subject to external accountability, with report auditing conducted by KPMG or Deloitte. Our operating framework is robust but offers the maneuverability to act with flexibility, giving our clients the leverage to execute their business activity with confidence and efficiency. We also offer other development finance options, each with competitive rates and terms. Our head office is based in Sydney’s CBD. To discuss finance options with a member of our expert team, you can call or email us today or apply now!.


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